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EVs For Staff Transportation

EVs For Staff Transportation

Ajay Car Rental is one of India's leading Employee transportation service providers, transporting around 300+ workers daily with 100+ cars. ACR is committed to providing its clients with a safe, comfortable, and sustainable travel experience, which is why the company is investing heavily in Electric vehicles (EVs) for its staff transportation.


Why EVs For Staff Transportation?

Using Electric vehicles for staff mobility has a lot of advantages. Due to their zero emissions, EVs are more environmentally friendly than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. Additionally enhancing the health and well-being of workers can assist in reducing air pollution. Long-term expenditures are also lower for EVs than gasoline-powered cars due to their lower operating and maintenance expenses.

EV for Employee Transportation Services

ACR is currently operating a fleet of EVs for staff transportation. The company plans to expand its EV fleet to over 100 cars & 25 buses by the end of 2023. ACR's EV fleet includes a variety of vehicle types, including sedans, SUVs, and buses. This allows ACR to provide its clients with the right vehicle for their specific needs.

Benefits Of EV Services

ACR's EV service offers a number of benefits to its clients, including:

● Reduced environmental impact: Employee health and well-being can be enhanced and air pollution reduced.

● Lower operating costs: EVs have lower operating and maintenance costs than gasoline-powered vehicles. This can help ACR's clients to save money on their costs.

● Improved employee satisfaction: Employees appreciate the opportunity to travel in a comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicle. ACR's EV staff transportation service can help to improve employee satisfaction and boost morale.

If you are interested, ACR can help you make the transition. The team of professionals at ACR can assist you in selecting the ideal cars for your fleet and create a special transportation strategy tailored to your unique requirements.
Contact ACR today to learn more about its EV staff transportation service.